PhD in Robotics at Georgia Tech

ちょっと前から robotics-worldwide というロボット関連では多分世界最大級のメーリングリストに登録していて、そこでは各学会のお知らせ、アカデミックポストの募集、時々学生募集なんて内容も流れる。学生を募る場合、今まではかなり特定研究に絞ったヨーロッパからの募集が多かったけど、たまたまジョージア工科大の募集要項が出ていたので、もし興味がある方はぜひ出願してみてください。といっても、出願締め切りが12/15だけど。。ちなみにジョージアテックでは、2007年秋から新しくロボティクス専攻の PhD 課程を立ち上げるらしい。

The Colleges of Computing and Engineering at Georgia Tech are establishing a PhD Program in Robotics. Pending Board of Regents' approval, the program will begin in Fall 2007.

We invite interested students with a strong academic record
in robotics-related disciplines to apply. The program is
structured to accept students with backgrounds in CS, ME,
ECE, AE, and other scientific and engineering disciplines.
We expect an inaugural class of approximately 20 students.
Upon acceptance and enrollment, all students will complete
a rigorous foundation of graduate coursework including:

Robotics Research
Artificial Intelligence
Perception, and

Students are expected to be deeply involved in robotics
research from the start of the program. Requirements for
the degree include: coursework, directed research, successful
completion of a qualifying exam, a thesis proposal, and a
dissertation summarizing significant original research in

Admission procedures:
All applications for graduate work at Georgia Tech are accepted
through our website:
Note that the Robotics PhD Program is not yet listed as an option
on this site. Students should apply to one of the following
degree programs: Computer Science, Electrical and Computer
Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Aerospace Engineering.
Indicate in your application that you would like to be considered
for the Robotics PhD Program. On page 4 of the application, choose
"Robotics" as your first choice of technical interest.

Please visit the website: to learn more
about robotics at Georgia Tech.

Please send email to if you any
questions or difficulty with the applications process.

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